What to Expect

Outdoors: We want children to be outside, and experience the beauty of God's creation. Students will have a chance to see horses, cows and chickens. They'll learn to appreciate flowers, trees and milkweed plants. They'll go on nature hikes, put their feet in Robert's Creek, and experience a labyrinth through natural prairie grasses. (St. John's in Belle Plaine has graciously agreed to host us indoors for days of inclement weather).

Bilingual: We care about building relationships with people across cultures, backgrounds, and languages. We believe a farm based setting is fertile ground for these relationships to grow. We believe diversity is not a threat, but a gift. Our worship, activities and various stations will include elements of both English and Spanish.

Educational: Our hope is to create an environment conducive to learning. We hope to experience intercultural learning, nature-based learning, and faith-based learning. While many of our leaders are rooted in the ELCA Christian tradition, this VBS on the Farm experience is open to people of all religious backgrounds.

Collaborative: Instead of having separate Vacation Bible School programs, a number of our churches are collaborating to create a joint experience. We're pooling together resources, leaders, and people to make this week possible.

Fun: If you've been a part of a Vacation Bible School (VBS) experience before, you probably hoped it would be fun. We expect nothing less this week! This week will include all the best of a typical VBS: games, snacks, arts and crafts, Tie-dye shirts, and more!

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